The Steyne Deals and Specials

75 The Corso
Manly NSW 2095
(02) 9977 4977

11am-9pm daily

The Steyne is located on the Corso nestled right down the end, only across the road from Manly beach. This pub is a Manly institution, being only rivaled by Manly Wharf Hotel in regards to how well known it is. Equally well known, is the quality pub style food which you can get from The Steyne, with various deals throughout the week. The most famous of these being Monday Nights two-for-one, which regularly draws a large crowd – sometimes the wait just to order can be 45 minutes-1 hour, so it is best to get there early (6pm) so as not to be met with the rush of those looking for a meal special early on in the week.

Offering a full menu, multiple different bars, a restaurant, and accommodation, The Steyne Hotel is one of, if not the largest establishments in Manly. It spans three levels, and has recently been renovated so that upstairs features a pirate themed rum bar. Initially one of the wilder places to go out in Manly, The Steyne has truly updated its look and attitude, catering to the adapting crowd which frequents Manly these days. The food here is fresh, cooked well and tasty. A large menu on offer means that those looking to grab a bite to eat will not be disappointed, as there is something to suit every taste. When not on special, the food is priced accordingly for the location and quality – think $15-$20 for a main meal. The deals offered do make the food and price far easier to digest – even if you have to wait seven days until the next time you will eat there.

They Steyne offers great food, a big variety of drinks, including some great craft beers, and is situated on The Corso, directly across from the beach. No trip to Manly would be complete without a stop-in at The Steyne, and no night would be finished unless a drink was had here either.