WeAreManly 2.0: New platform includes reviews and updated design

After working on the new platform for the past 18 months, we are proud to launch WeAreManly 2.0!!!

WeAreManly 2.0 provides new functionality to both customers and venues, with the highlights being:

  • Customers can now add reviews to deals
  • New advanced search functionality
  • Both customers and venues can now add and edit deals
  • Existing deals can be claimed by venues to keep them up to date
  • Deals can show as expired if no longer available
  • Functionality to report inaccurate deal listings

Reviews now show on the deal list pages.

Expanding the community with profiles for both customers and venues

Both customers and venues can now register, giving them access to:

  • Create and edit deals
  • A user dashboard showing their deals
  • A profile page listing all their deals
  • Leave reviews on deals.

More deals with better quality control measures

One of the problems in the past was ensuring that deals were up to date and accurate, so we’ve implemented a few new features to ensure deals are accurate:

  1. Deals must be approved by a WeAreManly admin before they are published
  2. Deals show the last time it was updated.
  3. Deals can be marked as “expired” if they are no longer available
  4. Each deal page has a deal feedback feature, provided by our friends at Hotjar.
Deal feedback is now featured on all deal pages.

We are continuously adding new features, and we will update the community as we improve the platform. Thanks for sticking with us, it is great to finally be on the new platform!

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