Manly is home to many bars, pubs and hotels, from multi-level establishments that have been around for decades, to the new, small, trendy wave of laneway bars, restaurants and cafes. Whether you are looking for a big night out with partying and dancing, or looking for something a little more sublte to sit around in the sun and relax with your friends, Manly has it all.

Because of the location of Manly, it has access to both the beach front as well as Manly wharf which faces back towards to the harbour, and may of the best bars and pubs are located along these waterfront stretches. These waterfront bars include the Manly Wharf Hotel and The Steyne - possibly two of the most iconic places to grab a drink about you've been for a swim at the beach.

In recent years, Manly has undergone many changes to the way in which people go out and socialise, due to a change in local laws regarding entry and re-entry to venues (known as the "Lockout Laws"), and a change in taste from locals and visitors, moving away from big rooms that serve beer, to more entertainment based and refined places to grab a drink.

Beneath is a list of the main spots in Manly and associated information - if there is somewhere we've missed, please get in contact and let us know, and we'll try to get it featured!


If there are any bars, pubs or hotels that are not on this page, but that you would like to see, let us know here!