Food fans visiting beachside, sunny Manly will find a great variety of restaurants, takeaways, cafes and little hole in the wall coffee shops. And because many of the best aren't on the Corso, it can pay dividends to go for a wander and find something tucked away in an arcade or backstreet - with most places offering deals and specials throughout the week. It pays to know in advance, because certain deals may only be available on certain days!

There is food outlets everywhere - from the big names of takeaway like Dominos, McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, to the smaller, boutique restaurants that will capture your heart and stomach. Often catering to both locals and tourists alike, restaurants in Manly feature value and quality - with a splash of beach side culture just to make it less stressful.

For pub grub to write home about,check out our page on bars, pubs and hotels, and for something a little more formal (or less formal... depending on what your after) check out the venues beneath and the daily deals and specials that they offer.

The restaurant scene here is superb. While having some large establishments such as Whitewater and Crinitis, there is some smaller places where the food is just as great, and half the price.


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Mare Sole Ristorante

Lastly, enjoy your time in Manly and all the great food that is on offer. If you know of any other deals, please Contact us!